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Useful Magick with Jessi Huntenburg - The Salem Witch Podcast Episode 7

December 16, 2020

Jessi Huntenburg is a witch, content creator, and all-around fantastic human who has recently started refering to herself as a "Mind Witch." I was deeply intrigued by this term, so I asked her to come on to chat about it. What transpired was a deep, thoughtful conversation between two similar thinkers.

In addition to Jessi's mind witchery, we talk about divinity, cosmic consciousness, the witch business, and much more. This is an in-depth, exploratory, fun chat between two occultists who are both genuinely excited by ideas and conversation. 

0:00-2:02 Intro
2:03-3:33 What would Jessi tell her 16 year-old self? 
3:34-4:52 Success and Focus
4:53-8:01 If elderly Jessi spoke with current Jessi, what would she say?
8:02-11:57 What's it like to start a business in the Witchcraft space?
11:57-14:27 How does Jessi overcome the stresses of running her own business?
14:28-20:29 How does Jessi navigate the ethical constraints of making content online?
20:30-23:42 Why Jessi (and I) are both interested in what's useful in the Esoteric.
23:43-25:23 Where is the line between a functional interest in the Esoteric and belief?
25:24-31:53 Jessi's and I's transition from Theoretician to Practitioner.
31:54-34:29 What is a Mind Witch?
34:30-40:51 How does Jessi view cosmology as a Mind Witch?
40:52-43:44 Does it matter if the Gods are materially real?
43:45-48:24 Jessi and me deep diving on divinity.
48:25-52:21 When you've gone too deep thinking about the Esoteric.
52:22-57:54 How to recognize when you've lost touch with material reality and what to do about it.
57:55-1:08:50 What Jessi's coven is like.
1:08:51-1:17:40 How can people tell the difference between exploitative and healthy esoteric spaces?
1:17:41-1:25:21 Are there elements in Esoteric thought or Witchcraft that could fix what is broken in the western world?
1:25:22-1:25:55 Where to find more about Jessi Huntenburg
1:25:56-1:26:25 Outro

Jessi's Mind Witch video:

More about Jessi

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